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The FlexDoctor is our most popular treatment device among athletes—and our most affordable. It can be used at home, a gym, or training facility, and can be administered by a personal trainer or physical therapist. 


The RXBlack, our most powerful device, is FDA cleared, and when combined with ARPwave NeuroTherapy Protocols, can provide fast pain relief and fast recovery from many chronic conditions

An Introduction to Neuro-Therapy...

Watch this video to understand how life changing this drug free pain management and recovery therapy is.


What they say


Appreciation and thanks do not really convey what ARPwave devices mean to me. I hope you know how much they have helped me and others like me with CRPS. They have given me my life back. I was a shell of a man before I was introduced to ARPwave at the Spero Clinic, a specialized CRPS treatment center. I was barely able to walk, couldn’t use my hands, and constantly in excruciating pain. Fast forward after seven months of rehab, which included daily treatments with the RX100, I regained my ability to walk, the use of my hands, and my pain is manageable. I was even able to get off all pain medication. I left a CRPS clinic two years ago on my own two feet. I use the RX100 to continue my therapies at home and the PRS/Flex Doctor for my flair ups. I no doubt will be using them throughout the rest of my life.

Danny Griffith


Enormous gratitude to the ARPwave team for consistently prioritizing our needs throughout the entire process of acquiring, using, and purchasing the ARPwave device. The transparent guidance directly with us, left a lasting impression. The generosity shown towards the end was not only appreciated but underscored our conviction that the ARPwave is the perfect solution for our son, Lincoln. Your unwavering support and advocacy made the entire experience positive and reassuring. Thank you for putting us and our son first, truly embodying what sets ARPwave apart.

Clifton Houser

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