The Main Thing Hampering Your Recovery

Whenever there is an injury to the body, cells are damaged, and the electrical charge within the damaged area is changed from a positive polarity to a negative polarity. At first, this is good because it elicits the healing response in the body itself by attracting white blood cells, fibroblasts, and a whole array of healing responses. However, if the negative charge doesn’t dissipate, it causes scar tissue to attach to the muscle tissue. 

This scar tissue embedded in the muscle fibers takes away from the muscle’s ability to elongate and contract fully, thus weakening the strength and rendering it less capable of absorbing shock. When this starts happening, the muscles no longer do their job, and the result is an injury to the joints that were being supported by these muscles.

How We Can Help You

ARPwave Neuro-Therapy is the missing link to injury recovery. The protocols were designed to allow the body to adjust from a sympathetic dominant (Fight or Flight) state to a parasympathetic dominant (Rest and Recovery) state; when the body is in a sympathetic dominant state, most healing functions are shut down. The body’s stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol trigger, and the body’s energy is diverted from healing, building tissue, and eliminating waste, to just protecting. By figuring out how to achieve this change, ARPwave created Neuro-Therapy and is now able to break the neurological compensation pattern the body is stuck in. Neuro-Therapy has been shown to eliminate pain and proves eliminating disuse atrophy is possible. All patients, including but not limited to elite, amateur, and professional athletes, can now benefit from doing Neuro-Therapy to speed up recovery from all injuries and surgery.

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