ARPwave NeuroTherapy

How does ARPwave NeuroTherapy Work?

ARPwave NeuroTherapy delivers a unique electrical stimulation directly to the source of your pain. The DC current in conjunction with ARPwave application guidelines, helps promotes blood flow, enhances muscle flexibility, and reduces pain. ARPwave NeuroTherapy can be tailored to your specific needs and delivers results immediately. With a 95% success rate, it’s the perfect choice for patients who need drug-free pain reduction.

How is it administered?

ARPwave NeuroTherapy can be performed in both an in-office setting by your clinician or by you in the comfort of your own home. Living pain free is far easier than you can imagine.

Who can benefit from ARPwave NeuroTherapy?

The ideal candidates for ARPwave NeuroTherapy include:

  • Individuals looking for relief from chronic or injury-related pain
  • Those looking to move more freely without pain
  • Individuals wanting to speed up recovery from an injury or surgery
  • Those looking to realize greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Athletes at all levels who are looking to enhance their strength and overall
  • Individuals looking for drug-free treatment


Incredible Results