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Mary O'Conner MD

In my opinion, ARPwave technology is a pioneer in accelerating recovery after musculoskeletal injury, surgery, and enhancing athletic performance. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Denis and the ARPwave team to advance musculoskeletal health.

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Mary is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Vori Health and Professor Emerita of Orthopedics, Mayo Clinic

ARPwave is nothing short of a miracle. It has given me hope and helped me with my years-long battle with chronic pain! I have had no hope outside of using this with the amazing guidance of my ARPwave therapist Sara! She is not only extremely knowledgeable but very caring and personable! I recommend her and ARPwave to anyone with any type of pain or injury!


Michael G

I highly recommend ARPwave Neuro-Therapy to my friends and family that are currently struggling with pain. If surgery or taking opioids is a decision you are faced with, please call ARPwave to determine if you can be helped naturally through therapy!

Jay K

I am a 65 yr-old man who hikes and power walks avidly. (64 hikes / 53 walks this year and counting) I started working with the machine to help with an Achilles tendon that had been getting increasingly painful for two years. I was actually considering surgery. Using the machine, I am hiking/walking better than ever with considerably less pain. Also, I had knee surgery this past December and was told it would be 6 - 8 weeks before I would be hiking again. It was two weeks! Special thanks to Sara for coaching me through all this. Her knowledge and sense of humor have made her an indispensable member of my healthcare team. You all are great!!!!

Tim M

I broke and shattered spine, my back in auto accident, t-12 to L-4 on May 24,2019. When I was released from hospital the doctors really had a grim chance of me walking or normal activity. This kind and helpful lady Sara Jane Samons began giving me treatments, I was skeptical at first. It has proved to be a life saver to me. Yes, I have some pain, but, I walk and able to do most of my routine. She calls and checks on me to see how I'm doing. 15 months later, I'm grateful. The doctors really did not like hearing about my recovery, money you know. 

Judy M

I have less pain and more mobility than before the ARPwave Therapy program...I had my left knee replaced January 13, 2014, in Lakewood, CO, and my right knee relaced October 21, 2016, in Scottsdale, AZ. I have struggled with range of motion and with pain management. Since starting the treatment program November 20, 2017, the pain levels I have experienced have been noticeably less than prior to the treatment. The ARPwave treatment has helped me regain some “normalcy”. I feel that even in the last few days since ending the treatment program I am continuing to experience continued improvements. I credit the ARPwave therapy for helping to expedite the recovery process. 

Deb M

ARPwave is extraordinary! My hip pain is vanishing. My energy level has increased. I am sleeping better. The results cannot be overestimated. My therapist, Sara Simmons-Moore is both professional and pastoral. Her recommendations are on target. Thank you for the ARPwave miracle!

Kirk V

So great! My recovery was so fast and I think it was faster because of ARPwave. The doctor was actually surprised at how well I recovered and the movement I have. Don't think of it as a shortcut, I worked it every day, it's just better, more efficient! I will do this therapy for any injury I have.

David D

Happy with the treatments! AFTER EACH TREATMENT I saw improvement and I felt stronger each day after a treatment. Jen did a fantastic job and was very flexible with my schedule. Overall was a great experience

Tom G

I bought the FlexDoctor and it has changed my life! I was surprised that such a small device can help me live pain free. The FlexDoctor is legit and I would give it 10 stars if google allowed!

Abbie B

This is a therapy like I have never seen before. After going through only one treatment, I went from a pain level of 7 in my leg to pain of a 4. In addition, I went from not being able to reach down past my knees to being able to touch my toes. From just one session I'm already seeing remarkable improvements to my level of pain and my range of motion. I can't wait to see how far I've come after completing all of my sessions. This therapy is literally life-changing!!

Kirk V

So great! My recovery was so fast and I think it was faster because of ARPwave. The doctor was actually surprised at how well I recovered and the movement I have. Don't think of it as a shortcut, I worked it every day, it's just better, more efficient! I will do this therapy for any injury I have.

Dan S

Much faster recovery than surgery last year and much less pain. My neuro therapist Jen was entertaining and had a great German accent and made the therapy much easier!

Darcy G

ARPwave is helping my horse grow more hoof than he usually would have grown in a 4 week period. Also, I use the machine every night and do the loosening protocol which helps me with my fibromyalgia. I’m no longer stiff like an old lady. I am very grateful to have the ARP wave machine in my life.

Paul Warner

ARPwave has been a game changer for athletics and for personal use. The recovery time from injuries has been greatly reduced. I’ve been using ARP for almost 4 years now and I’m still totally impressed with the consistent results. I would highly recommend ARPwave for anyone wishing to reduce their recovery time.

Mike Glosson

Colt helped me knock out some pfps in my left knee. He was great to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable. He did a great job helping me find a solution to my knee pain and helping me get back to running. Before I used the ARPwave, I was struggling walking down stairs. I’m back to working out and feeling great!

John J

Great service and wonderful results. In two weeks time I’m pain free and sleeping through the night after needing to sleep in my recliner for one full week.

Dona M

I had a hip flexor issue right before hurricane Irma hit. I was in major pain, not knowing how I would get through the hurricane with the intense pain I was experiencing. Thank goodness for ARPwave.... it was truly a miracle treatment. I hope others will try this drug free alternative. It gave me instant relief. I highly recommend this treatment.

Rosemary H

This experience has been wonderful and I have received so much pain relief in such a short period of time. I have and will continue to recommend this treatment to anyone who will listen to me about. 

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