Full Range of Motion and Pain-Free 2 weeks after Total Joint (Knee) Replacement!

Joint replacement surgery is an orthopedic procedure used to replace an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface with a prosthetic joint. The process has become somewhat mainstream, with over one million procedures being performed each calendar year. But did you know that many times this procedure can be delayed or avoided? Have you tried “Everything” and are you still experiencing pain? Have you had joint replacement surgery still experiencing symptoms? If so, read on….

How can ARPwave Therapy help you avoid a joint replacement procedure?

ARPwave Therapy was developed to treat the cause of a problem/dysfunction and, therefore, eliminate the symptoms (Pain, Damaged Tissue, Range of Motion, etc.). Focusing on joint replacement and pain, the joint is not the cause of the problem; the joint is where the force ended up. Yes, you now have damage to the joint, but again, this is where the force ended; now you need to ask yourself, “Why?”. If you or somebody you know is dealing with pain, ask if the pain increases when more intense activity is performed; almost always, the answer is “Yes.”. This is because the muscles are not functioning efficiently and are not absorbing force properly. Said force needs to go somewhere, and in this case, it ends up in the joint. By eliminating the neuro inefficiencies, you now establish proper neuro communication, begin to treat the cause of the problem, and are now on the way to eliminating force transfer and, in many cases, the need for joint replacement.

Why recovery from joint replacement surgery is fast and pain-Free when using ARPwave Therapy

  1. Bypass pain signals
  2. Treating the cause of the problem
  3. Increase in Blood flow
  4. Treating the body in a parasympathetic state
  5. Up to 24 hours of recovery time
  6. Accelerated strength gains
  7. Elimination of compensation patterns
  8. Active movement and ROM exercises
  9. Accelerate recovery times by an average of 30-50%

Clinton Jones - Video Testimonial 

Former Michigan State Spartan and NFL running back from 1967-1973, Clinton Jones talks about his journey through life, football and chiropractic career, and recent bi-lateral knee replacement. Clinton describes how the ARPwave Neuro-Therapy System has affected his recovery time, health, and patient outcomes.

Being a chiropractor, Clinton quickly understood how ARPwave Therapy worked with the nervous system, the “switchboard of life.” When you can stimulate and work the proper pathways, you can begin to eliminate the cause of a problem (Neuro-Muscular Dysfunction).

Your next step

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ARPwave Therapy can be used to replace or complement other therapy programs.  (Example: Surgery, Chiropractic, P.T., etc.)

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