How to Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain is a familiar topic for ARPwave, and it's the preferred provider network. Back pain affects about 80% of the U.S. population in some shape or form throughout our lives; we spend about $50 billion on low back pain each year.

The Bandaid Approach

There are many traditional therapy options and different procedures to treat lower back pain. If you've had low back pain, you have probably experienced taking medication to try and help and have found out it is just a band-aid to the pain. Yeah, it feels better when you pop the pill, but eventually, that relief wears off, requiring another dose. Besides the cost and dependency, there are many other side effects of prolonged medication use.

Another traditional option to relieve back pain is surgery. Like medication, there is a time and place for surgery, but it is not necessarily the best route to take as a first option.

What about Physical Therapy? Physical Therapy is often recommended prior to surgery and is a great option to see if movement and building strength can assist with your recovery. While it addresses one component of recovery (Strength), PT is not complete; it does not handle neurological communication.

A Permanent Solution to Treating Back Pain?

The problem with treating back pain with a bandaid approach is that you only treat the symptom, not the cause. Back pain and injury stem from inefficiencies within the nervous system and the inability to absorb force correctly; the direct result is force transferring to other areas and tissues within the body and creating damage and injury.

At ARPwave, which stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance, we have a complete process and therapy protocols that have been designed and tested to eliminate the cause of the problem, thus eliminating the pain; this process is called Neuro-Therapy.

Step one - Neuro-Efficiency.

Neuro-efficiency is like a light switch and a light bulb; when you flip the light switch, the light bulb turns on, but if the wire in the wall is frayed and we flip the switch again, the light bulb turns on, but it flickers; it's going to work inefficiently. When we're dealing with an inefficient light bulb or electrical circuit, are we going to keep changing the light bulb, or are we going to fix the problem; this is the same question we need to ask about injury and our body. Once we sustain trauma/cellular damage within our body, the nervous system redirects signals to avoid the damaged area and creates a short circuit within the nervous system; this short then affects the muscle from turning on to absorb force. If the body is determined to be inefficient, ARPwave protocols allow for resets and neuro-efficiency.

Step Two – Locating the Cause

Step two of Neuro-Therapy focuses on finding the cause of the problem and breaking down compensation patterns. ARPwave staff can locate cellular damage by using a proprietary search method. Once located, improper movement patterns are eliminated by retraining proper movements and exercises. While all this is going on, the therapy promotes accelerated strength gain, increased blood flow, and greater force absorption.

Step Three – Strength, Force Absorption, and Maintenance.

During step three, ARPwave protocols focus on building strength, showing the brain that the body can function without pain, and reinforcing and preventing the pain from returning.

With the nervous system and body communicating correctly and the cause of the problem eliminated, we can assist you with permanently eliminating back pain today!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns determining if ARPwave is the right program for you, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to have a discussion with you about your pain/condition and how Neuro-therapy can help. You can book a consultation call by clicking the call booking button or contact ARPwave directly via phone at (952)431-9708 or email at [email protected].

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