Living with Chronic Pain

If you search “Living with Chronic Pain” on Google, the first page of results alone will be flooded with tips on coping with chronic pain, stories of people who have been living with chronic pain for years, and statistics reporting less than ideal numbers. One in every four United States citizens suffer from chronic pain and as a result, the United States spends well over “100 billion dollars yearly on healthcare costs related to pain management and opioid dependence” (1). This is more than the expenses for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease treatment combined. 

Traditional Treatments For Chronic Pain

Traditional pain treatment plans typically consist of a steady, recurring supply of medications that the patient takes alongside a variety of lifestyle changes. However, this route of treatment often only manages the symptoms and not the root of the problem. ARPwave’s Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy works to address the root of the problem that often leads to chronic pain instead of just masking the symptoms.  

There are plenty of tests that are run when a patient first presents with chronic pain, including:  blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, spinal fluid tests, and balance tests just to name a few (2). Sometimes, when the pain is caused by an underlying illness or injury, these can help address the cause. However, for a majority of people suffering from chronic pain, these tests typically come back clean, without any evidence of past injury or illness whatsoever. In these cases, without a direction for further treatment, the standard treatment falls back onto symptom management.  

How Neuromuscular Stimulation Helps With Chronic Pain

Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy turns the focus away from exclusively physiological causes for the pain and instead takes an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the nervous system and how it interacts with the body as a whole. With ARPwave’s proprietary therapy protocols, patients can work with the electrostimulation properties of the RxBlack device to address the neurological blocks causing the pain. By addressing the neurological issues at the root of the pain, the body is then able to rely on its own healing processes once more, cutting down the need for medications and excessive treatment. 

Chronic pain can present in a wide variety of ways from aching and burning to stiffness and stinging, but it often does not stop there. This consistent pain often causes additional mental health issues, severely impacting the day to day life of the person experiencing the pain, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and mood swings. Of course, these symptoms can be treated with additional medication such as antidepressants, but like the pain meds, these can only offer a Band-Aid, not addressing the root of the issue. 

Chronic pain affects all parts of life, to the point where it can impact an individual’s ability to work, take part in physical activity, or even just enjoy life (3). If you or someone you love experiences chronic pain, reach out to ARPwave today to see how the Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy can help. We have ARPwave therapists at the ready, to help guide you through your journey to recovery every step of the way. Book a call today. 

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