What makes ARPWave Different

This is not a new therapy, and it is deeply embedded in science. I'd like to bring you back to my my journey. My journey began in high school, and as I progressed through the College years, I decided that we need to find a tool that allows active range of motion, active therapy while being stimulated. Now, at that time, and to this day, there is no device other than our patented technology which allows that to happen.

Now, why is stimulus so critically important? 

The greater the stimulus, the greater the change. So without stimulus, without movement, you are not going to resolve a problem that is based in a neuro pattern. Now, that's the key to everything we do. And it's the key to the success of our patient history.

We've treated well in excess of 500,000 patients with better than a 95% success rate, and I do mean better than a 95% success rate. And every one of those patients, we did not treat where they had the problem. We treated, why they had the problems.

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