A New Solution for Long-Term Joint Replacement Pain

1 in 5 people who have undergone major joint replacement surgery have long-term pain afterward. While there have been considerable surgical advances and improved outcomes, one thing that hasn’t changed much is the number of people who report long-term pain after joint replacement surgery.

While the causes of chronic pain after major joint replacement surgery are not yet fully understood, many surgeons are doing everything they can to find solutions. One Scottsdale-based orthopedic surgeon has been doing just that. Dr. Theodore Firestone, MD, reported his success with ARPwave Therapy.

“I would encourage any healthcare provider who thinks outside the box of conventional PT to look into ARPwave.” Said Dr. Firestone.“ In many cases, it took just one or two sessions for patients to report a noticeable difference in their condition.”

The DC current works to communicate in a way like that of the nervous system and helps promote blood flow, increase strength, and improve range of motion. Not only does this help manage or eliminate pain, but it also works to promote the body’s natural healing processes and can speed up recovery.

Typically, long-term pain is difficult to treat; however, ARPwave offers a solution that allows the body to rely more consistently on its natural healing processes, avoiding the need for long-term medication or even additional surgeries.

For additional information on ARPwave and the NeuroTherapy Process, visit their website here and speak to a representative today.

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