Innovating Pain Management and Recovery with ARPwave Technology

When I graduated from school 40 years ago with a degree in applied kinesiology, I had no idea that one day I would be working so extensively to innovate pain management and recovery. So when Denis showed up at my door 10 years later with his pitch for collaboration, suffice to say I was shocked, but I’m so glad I said yes because my life has not been the same since.

My Interest in Brain-Body Interactions

I’ve always been interested in the interactions between the brain and body, even attending the Carrick Institute of Neurology after graduating from college. So when I decided to start my own practice, it was incredibly important to me that a majority of the treatments available would focus on a system looking at the entire body, not just the injured area.

Treatments Offered at Accelerated Performance Clinic

At the Accelerated Performance Clinic, we use a wide variety of therapies interchangeably depending upon the needs of our patient including but not limited to:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Music Tone Therapy
  • NeuroTherapy

However, for each and every single type of treatment, we make it a priority to use the ARPwave devices in a collaborative manner. The ARPwave technology is special in that it can integrate smoothly into any treatment and truly brings in the “brain/body” connection that is missing in most pain treatments. 

The Power of ARPwave Technology for Pain Management & Recovery

Whether the patient is an athlete suffering from an ACL tear or simply a wounded warrior coming in with a concussion, we utilize the ARPwave technology for every single one of them. For years we have been seeing the incredible results that come from this technology, such as the following testimonial from one of my previous patients.

After 6 ARPwave treatments over a two-week period (for my second knee surgery), I experienced some exceptional results as compared to my first recovery. I would recommend several visits with Dr. Moe for anyone recovering from knee replacement surgery to help you get on the fast track to healing.

When you apply the electrostimulation from the ARP to the body, it activates that muscular area. By activating the area we see a reduction of inflammation allowing the body to transition out of its fight or flight, defensive state. 

Only when the body has moved out of distress, can true healing begin. We have seen people come into the clinic in so much pain that they can hardly walk. But after even just one singular treatment, we see a level of difference that I’ve never seen with any other treatment program. Additionally, the ARPwave technology is the only modality that I’ve ever seen provide the extent of long term benefits and results that it does.

Over the counter electrostimulation devices are advertised as ideal for pain management, however they aren’t truly working to fix the problem, only mask it. What we do isn’t pain blocking, it’s facilitated healing. So each treatment actually makes physical changes in the body so it can function again without having to take medications. 

I personally even use one of the ARPwave devices for my own healing journeys and I cannot imagine trusting any other method with my, or my client’s, personal well being.

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