Podcast: Muscle Lengthening vs Shortening and The New Way vs The Old Way

ARPwave founder Denis Thompson says yes and he can prove itwith a secret he’s ready to share.

He points to top athletes such as Dwight Freeny (NFL champion) who says: “ARPwave is my secret weapon”.

As further evidence Tim Thomas (NHL champion and Vezina Trophy winner) states “the ARPwave system increased myathletic performance immensely”. With over 500,000 patients treated worldwide, Thompson claims he can prove he can accomplish his results in just one 30-minute session.

The secret and how he does it lies with a combination of his patented electronic device called the RX-100 and proprietary protocols designed to effectively treat almost any condition.

Need an alternative to addictive prescription drugs and opioids?ARPwave has one.

About to have surgery – think twice, ARPwave may be able to help you avoid the knife altogether.

Injured and need to get back to work fast, ARPwave can reduce recovery times by as much as 70% in most cases.

Seeking increased athletic performance and range of motion, yup you guessed it, ARPwave to the rescue and with thousands of pro athletes as clients they deliver a unique, safe and effective alternative to conventional training, surgery and medications.

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