Dr. Haugen’s Preferred Osgood-Schlatter Treatment

Why do I recommend ARPwave NeuroTherapy for my Osgood-Schlatter patients?

Dr. Chance Haugen and Osgood-Schlatter

My goal, as a healthcare provider, is to provide my patients the highest quality of care possible. Sometimes, this can mean looking outside the box for solutions. Over my many years as a healthcare professional, I began to notice a trend in some of my patients that were coming in. These individuals were primarily children and teens, frequently athletes who were diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease. 

Dr. Haugen’s Preferred Osgood-Schlatter Treatment

What is Osgood-Schlatter?

Osgood-Schlatter disease, is a condition, commonly found amongst children that causes pain and swelling below the knee joint. This pain and swelling can be made worse by participating in high impact activities such as sports, but also standard playing that you might see in your average 10 year old; running, jumping, etc.

Osgood-Schlatter develops during a stage of growth where the child’s bones are typically growing faster than the muscles and tendons. This causes undue stress and tightness to the muscles and tendons around the area. Specifically, the condition is caused by the repetitive pulling of the patellar tendon below the knee where it attaches. 

Standard Treatment

The standard treatment for Osgood-Schlatter, for many years has been the standard R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) technique supplemented with anti-inflammatory medications. Unfortunately, this treatment relies heavily on the “wait and see” aspect of healing and will often leave students and athletes sidelined from events and practices.

Here’s where the “outside the box” thinking comes in.

ARPwave NeuroTherapy

The ARPwave NeuroTherapy device is a tool that I have and continue to use to this day in my practice for chronic pain in my clients. Using a direct current electrical stimulation, the ARP modality communicates with the body’s nervous system, working with its natural tendency to facilitate healing and pain relief. Specifically, helping the body get back to a point where all the parts are doing what they are supposed to be doing without additional strain.

While Osgood-Schlatter it is caused by the strain on the patellar tendon, it is also exacerbated by a deficit in the surrounding muscles’ ability to properly absorb force. So, using the ARPwave device, we work to lengthen the quadriceps muscle and patellar tendon which then stops them from pulling on the tibial tubercle. Not only does it provide remarkable pain relief for an overwhelming majority of patients, but it also helps teach the nervous system to continue lengthening the appropriate muscles even long after the treatment is over.

Working with ARPwave through the proprietary protocol steps has provided both short and long term benefits including pain relief, the promotion of blood flow, muscle strengthening, and improved range of motion. Additionally, these protocols are tailored to each patient’s specific needs and designed to deliver at least a 25% improvement immediately, every session.

In my experience, not only has this treatment helped with immediate pain relief, but I have also seen it work so effectively that after 3-4 treatments, the individual never experienced Osgood-Schlatter pain again.

Why is ARPwave NeuroTherapy the Best Treatment Option?

First and foremost, ARPwave NeuroTherapy does the one thing that the standard treatment of Osgood-Schlatter does not. Which is getting the kids back out on the field, doing what they love to do most. Additionally, the treatment stands out as an excellent non-invasive, drug-free approach to pain management in ways that I have not seen offered anywhere else.

The overwhelming majority of my patients have experienced relief on their very first visit. For those patients who continue with follow-up treatments, the combination of ARPwave NeuroTherapy with muscle elongation and strengthening exercises provided them with even more significant, long-term benefits.

All of my patients since beginning of using the NeuroTherapy treatment have experienced reduced pain and regained or improved upon their prior mobility. The speed of the pain relief and ability to recover almost immediately is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Simply put, there’s no other treatment I am aware of that can get a student athlete back on the field as quickly, safely, and pain-free as the ARPwave treatment.

The Future of Treatment

With the ARPwave NeuroTherapy treatment integrated into my practice, I feel confident that I can effectively address Osgood-Schlatter in every patient who comes to me seeking relief. ARPwave has not only expanded upon the range of conditions that I can treat, but has also significantly improved the quality of care that I can offer my patients. With the easily tailorable treatment plans, I can confidently say that I am better equipped than I have ever been before to help my patients find relief from the discomfort and limitations associated with Osgood-Schlatter. Over the 15 years that I have been using the NeuroTherapy process, I don’t think I could even begin to estimate the number of people we have helped. It’s truly incredible and I cannot wait to continue helping Osgood-Schlatter patients for as long as I can.

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