How to Treat Knee Pain with ARPwave NeuroTherapy

Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal overuse injury in active adults. Also known as Runner’s Knee, this pain ranges in severity from person to person and can include symptoms such as:

  • Pain in and around the kneecap during activity
  • Weakness or feelings of instability
  • Rubbing, grinding, or clicking of the kneecap during movement
  • Tenderness of the kneecap

Treatment Option for Chronic Knee Pain

Through ARPwave NeuroTherapy Protocols, patients are able to address an injury at the root of the problem and achieve a long-lasting permanent fix.

By utilizing ARPwave’s proprietary direct current, similar to the type of electrical signals that the body uses, ARPwave helps the muscles break through lapses in communication and helps them relearn what they’re supposed to be doing. This process of neuroplastic pattern rewriting supports the knee by redirecting the force that’s causing the pain back to the place it’s meant to be going, the muscles.

ARPwave has been using this technique for many years, very successfully, but it seems now that the research is finally catching up. Looking at the body as a whole, as opposed to a list of symptoms, is becoming increasingly more the standard within the medical community.

For additional information regarding ARPwave and the knee protocol, please click here.

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