Introduction to Drug Free Relief from Chronic Pain and Accelerated Injury Recovery

Neuro Therapy is a patented therapy, which addresses the neurological origin for the symptoms that you're feeling today.  Until today, every doctor, every therapist, every medical professional that you've met with (who are extremely skilled at what they do) have worked on where you feel the pain, not where the pain is coming from. Today, we are going to look at the neurological origin of the signal, which is causing you the pain.

What is the first thing we do in Neuro Therapy?

The first thing we have to do is determine is your brain sending a fast enough signal to your muscles,  to enable the muscles to act as a shock absorber. If this is not working, the shock is going to go into the area that you're feeling pain or restricted motion.

We have a very simple test that we've created. We call it a "Neuro Efficiency" test. The overwhelming number of you will fail the test.  We're going to have lay down on your back and raise your leg up stiff-legged, with no bend in the knee.

We're going to put very light resistance on your leg to see if you can stabilize and make sure that it doesn't move or give way. This test has nothing to do with strength. What it has to do with, is your muscles ability to absorb force.  Muscles are the outward expression of your nervous system. If you cannot resist this simple test, we know there is a miscommunication going on and that, in fact, is the reason you have the pain, and where you have your pain. So once we've done that test and you pass or you fail, we go to the next step.

Resetting your Nervous System

If you failed the test, we now need to reset your nervous system. Have you ever had a computer that went blue screen on you and it just crashed? Well, what do you have to do? You have to turn it off, and then you have to reboot it, and in some cases, you have to reset it back to its original settings.

What we are going to need to do is reset your nervous system to the very first neurological pattern you ever learned how to do, which is how to crawl. Crawling is the first neuro pattern where the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. The right side controls the left side.

Once the nervous system is reset, the next step is to identify where the signal is coming from which is causing you to feel the way you do.  

Changing The Signal Your Nervous System is Sending

Once we identify where the signals are coming from, we then need to change that signal using our proprietary technology, and we need to break you of your movement patterns, which normally bothers you. So one of the very first questions our therapist is going to ask you is what movement normally bothers you the most.

Whatever that movement is, we're going to have you do that movement in therapy while being stimulated, where the muscle is being told to work appropriately, not in the manner in which it's been working for quite some time.  What we're going to do with Neuro Therapy, is take this muscle from a shortened state (called "concentric contraction") and allow it to lengthen. When we do that, your movement pattern is going to change without pain.

When you're done with the hour session, you're going to see a dramatic change in the way you feel. A lot of people think they're cured. They're not. It has nothing to do with being cured. All we've done is disrupted that pattern, that pattern is going to go back to its normal pattern, probably 45 minutes from now.

The reason you absolutely 100% need to go through 20 sessions of this therapy is because every day you go through a session, we're disrupting that pattern for a longer period of time. The longer you're in that position, the better you're going to feel. So today could be 45 minutes, tomorrow an hour, the next day 2 hours, the next day 3 hours, and it's a progressive process. What we're doing is creating a new neuro pattern without pain or compensation pattern.

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