LifeBlood Podcast: Living Pain Free with Denis Thompson & George Grombacher

In this episode, Denis is interviewed by George Grombacher and talked about how to live pain free, why healthcare doesn’t work, how to focus on the reasons for pain instead of the location of pain, and how to get started.  

Listen to learn why our bodies begin to operate less-optimally after the age of three!

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  1. I have sciatica on my left side and it’s bout to start on my right side I can’t function anymore I’m tired bored of not having fun feeling happy not my self always cranky irritated moody aggravated

    1. Hello Chanique,
      Thank you for sharing your story.
      ARPwave Therapy has been used successfully to help many people recover from sciatic and back pain, we hope that you give us the opportunity to help.
      Please contact our office via phone at (952)431-9708 or via email at [email protected] to discuss your situation, questions you may have, and program options.
      One step closer to “Moving Freely Without Pain”

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